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The guide below provides an overview of how to attend virtual meetings using the video and audio conferencing tool called Zoom.


If you wish to fully participate in the meeting – via video and audio then you will need to download the Zoom conferencing software. You can access the meeting from any internet connected device with audio and video capability.

The software is free and you do not require a password to download and install on your device. Please ensure that you install ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ rather than any of the alternative options available.

Please ensure that your device is fully charged before attending the meeting, and if possible have it connected to a power supply throughout to avoid the possibility of the battery running low and your device turning off during the meeting.

Joining the meeting

The login details for all Parish Council Zoom meetings are shown at the bottom of the agenda.

You can also join the meeting from any device with Zoom installed by typing in the unique 9 digit meeting code.

When joining the meeting you will be asked to provide your name. Please do so using your full forename and surname as this will allow all participants to see who has joined the meeting.

If you are joining by phone, the invite will include a list of telephone numbers. Please select one to join the meeting. You will be prompted to enter the 9 digit meeting code so please note this down before telephoning.  

Meeting etiquette

If you are joining by video, the meetings have been configured so that once you join your microphone audio will be automatically muted. This avoids unnecessary background noise disturbing the meeting. Controls to mute/unmute your audio will be displayed on the screen. Please keep your microphone on mute unless you wish to speak. If you wish to speak please use the  ‘blue hand’ button at the bottom of the ‘participants’ list – under ‘reactions’.  Members of the public will only be allowed to speak during public participation, or at the discretion of the Chairman, and will be 'muted' for the remainder of the meeting.