Sam 2 Latest data results in Potter Heigham

Where can a SAM 2 be placed?

It is deployed in 20mph and 30mph limits, on stretches of road that are of concern to the community. Ideally we use existing posts, but on occasion a new post might need to be installed to accommodate the sign. We will not place the sign where it will cause an obstruction or be an inappropriate distraction.


The specific sites will be agreed between the community and an officer of Norfolk County Council.

What is SAM2?

It is a vehicle activated sign that displays the speed of an approaching vehicle. If the vehicle exceeds the speed limit a ‘SLOW DOWN’ message is shown, once the limit is exceeded by 10mph the speed is no longer shown and the ‘Slow DOWN’ message remains, this removes the temptation for some drivers to see what speed they can register!


Sam 2 Locations and Dates

Who moves SAM2?

A representatives from PHPC Sam2 sub-committee

Maximum duration Sam2 stay on location

It can be at one site for 4 weeks and must not return to that site within 8 weeks, which means that for the most effective deployment we need at least three approved sites per sign.

Who owns the Sam 2?

Over time there have been various funding models, but the signs have become the property and responsibility of the community, usually via the Parish Council