Councillor Roles and  Responsibilities


There are eleven councillors on Potter Heigham Parish Council.

Members of the Parish Council are all volunteers, who are not paid for the work they undertake on behalf of the local community.

However, to ensure the Parish Council as a whole fulfils its legal obligations and follows proper procedures, the Council employs a Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (RFO). 

Footpath & Roads Officers – Mr. Robert Lovick & Paul Rice
Staithe Officers – Mr. Harry May and Mr. Stan Chapman
Internal Finance Officer – Mr. Stan
Drainage Officers – Mr. Harry May, Mr Paul Rice
Allotment Officers – Donald Pickering
Environment Officer – Mr. Robert. Lovick & Vacancy
Ludham School Governor – Vacancy
Police Liaison Officer – Mr. Bev Standen
VHMC Representatives – Mr. Robin Graves-Morris, Miss Sheridan Turner,  Mr. Harry May, Mr George  Chasemore, 1 x Vacancy & Mr Stan Chapman (Treasurer)

SAM 2 Speeding Device Managers – Mr. Paul Rice, Mr Robert Lovick and Mr. Bev Standen

Trust Fund representatives – Mr Donald Pickering, Mr Steve Sheppard Mr. Stan Chapman (Treasurer)
Upper Thurne Working Group Officer – Mr. Harry May
Parish Flood Warden & Emergency Planning Officer (appointed by North Norfolk District Council) – Mr. Paul. Rice, Mr Harry May & Mr James May

Website Administrators - Vacancy 

Website Advertising Working Group - Disbanded

County Councillor – Mr Richard Price

North Norfolk District Councillor – Mr Harry Blathwayt