Feb 2021

Police report for Potter Heigham Parish Council February 2021


We have a dedicated Covid car which is double crewed and they are employed dealing with the bulk of the reported Covid breaches. However, we are all doing our bit to either educate or enforce on a daily basis. Myself and the other Beat Managers are conducting pro-active patrols around beauty spots and the coast to ensure that people are adhering to the rules. Distance of travel hasn’t been stipulated by the Govt and so it falls to us to use our discretion when considering whether to issue fixed penalty notices or advise. In recent weeks I have issued tickets to people who have travelled for the day to our coast from Hertfordshire and Essex for instance. I have also advised a number who have travelled perhaps a bit too far within the County. Reporting of suspected breaches should be done via the force control room on 101 so that incidents can be logged. This is crucial as we need to keep records of repeat offenders on our CAD Despatch system.

Mental Health crisis

There is an increasing burden on all the services around mental health and for my part I work closely with Laura Charter, our ex PCSO in her current role on the Early Help Hub. We conduct visits to see what support people need in all sorts of circumstances and sometimes to help manage the demand on other crucial services in the NHS including calls for ambulance.

Domestic abuse

Victims of domestic abuse are more isolated now due to Covid restrictions and lockdown. We are working to ensure that these people are able to turn to us and other agencies for support and safe haven should they need it.


Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

Now we are in lockdown these issues will be less apparent but I am still dealing with some ASB issues in our communities, mainly involving young people. Of course, I can use Covid legislation to tackle gatherings where they occur and this has been a useful tool at times to get offenders moved on or dealt with. Crime continues to be quite low in our area but you will be aware that we have had significant issues with cold callers and bank fraud in recent Months, mainly targeting the elderly and vulnerable for significant amounts of money. The prevalence seems to have eased in recent weeks but we all need to be vigilant around cold calls and their legitimacy.


Op Radium

This is a national initiative to tackle the afore mentioned crime wave involving fraud targeting the vulnerable. There are various steps in place to try and tackle this issue, mainly by getting the message out to the community to be vigilant and be aware of those around us who may be victims. Lockdown has meant that getting the message out has been difficult and we agreed at the recent SNAP panel meeting that one of my priorities will be to step up efforts to spread the word and educate wherever we can.

SNAP priorities

Following the installation of the SAM 2 camera the parish has been able to provide evidence of speeding issues in the parish and it has agreed that Potter Heigham will get priority, along with Catfield and Hickling around both speed enforcement and traffic issues. This includes recurring issues around parking and obstruction and I am aware of the current problems in the village along Bridge Road and Station Road.

Noise issue from Hickling Broad

Residents in Hickling and Potter Heigham have complained about music noise coming across from Hickling Broad. This is believed to be from a live aboard boat on the broad. I am currently communicating with various agencies with a view to coming up with a problem-solving plan. I am in dialogue with NNDC, The Broads Authority and Norfolk Wildlife Trust in relation to this to see what we can do to tackle the problem.  

Incidents reported to the police

In the period from 01st January 2021 we have received 25 calls for service from the parish. These are summarised as follows.

3 Covid breaches

1 fire to assist fire and residents at a care home and 1 tractor fire, both non-suspicious

4 Suspicious cirumstances. None that are of concern.

1 Theft shops at Lathams

1 Sudden death

3 road related issues

2 Public order incidents

1 Sexual offence

3 Missing persons

1 Harassment

2 Domestic incidents

1 Admin call

1 Abandoned call