November 2020



Minutes of meeting via ZOOM on Wednesday 18 November, 2020

Present: Mr. P. Rice (Chairman), Mr. G. Playford, Mr. R. Graves-Morris, Mr. H. May, M/s S. Turner, Mr. S. Chapman, Mr. H. Blaythwayte (NNDC), Mr. David Balls (Clerk), and 2 linked in Members of the Public.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Mrs. A. Harford, Mr. R. Lovick, Mr. B. Standen, Mr. T. Bradford, and Mr. Richard Price


2. ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN – on the nomination of Mr. S. Chapman, seconded by M/s S. Turner Mr. Paul Rice was unanimously elected Chairman for the completion of this ensuing year


3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Mr. P. Rice item 11(a) and BA/NNDC matters.



It was unanimously agreed that the October 2020 minutes be signed.


(a) The Clerk reported that broken cast iron offlet in footpath of Bridge Road has been replaced. The Clerk also reported that there many highway issues outstanding and will arrange a meeting on site with the area engineer to discuss and measures and timing can put in place to address these issues.

(b) The Broads Authority flood alleviation work on the Staithe has successfully been completed.

(c) The clerk reported on latest flooding events in Meadow Court following update from residents Mr. and Mrs. Winter.

Mrs. Winter reported that on Friday 25 September and early October serious flooding occurred again which she in turn had to arrange for Anglian Water to clear away the raw sewage water discharge and tidy up area. Following these recent events the Clerk spoke to Anglian Water engineer, Mr. Justin Arnold asking for the timing of the installation of the 2 new pumps and control panel, when it was established that this work is programmed during this current financial year. Bearing in mind that one of the other main problems is the illegal habit is householders disposing of “unflushables” down toilets. With this in mind the Clerk asked Mr. Arnold to put in place the insertion of leaflets with the next delivery of statements explaining the damage this habit can cause to their system.

(d) Sheridan reported that her work on the Strategic Business plan has been put on hold while in the process of completing grant application for VHMC solar panel installation.

(e) Mr. Rice updated the Council on latest recordings/results from SAM 2 locations. The Clerk will investigate the placement of a fixing post in Marsh Road.


6. NEW PARISH WEBSITE – A decision on the next steps forward will be discussed at the November meeting when Mr. Standen returns from work offshore.


7. POLICE REPORT – Latest email reports received are now emailed to all councilors.




(a) Section 137 donation “Thank You” letters received from Air Ambulance, St. Nicholas Church, and Brownies & Rainbows

(b) Letter from County Farms informing all allotment tenants that the allotment holding rents will be determined next year for implementation and payable from Lady Day 25 March, 2022

Items for circulation

(a) Broads Society – “The Harnser”                       (b) CPRE Countryside Voice & Fieldwork                                                   



The meeting was adjourned for Public Time from 7.47 pm. to 7.55 pm.

Q. Who puts items on Community Website

A. Bev Standen is performing this function in conjunction with the new website trial. Discussion to take place at next meeting

Q. Some trees are overhanging carriageway on Mill Road restricting passage for high vehicles and camper vans

A. The Clerk pointed out that trees are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner, however he will inspect and report back at next meeting.


Q. When can an application be submitted for the vacant position of parish councilor.

A. The clerk explained the protocol involved in this procedure and that the council has to wait until 23 October to see if there has been a 10 signatory petition submitted to NNDC asking for an election to be held. If this is not required then the parish council has to advertise this vacant position and co-opt a suitable person from the submitted applications onto the council



(a) Notices of decision – Nothing received

(b) New Application(s):

 (i) PF/20/1318 – proposed single-storey side and rear extension and rear extension at 6, Reynolds Lane - withdrawn



(a) Allotments – Mr. Playford reported that the Market Road allotment gates fencing needs creosoting. The Clerk suggested asking Mr. Paul Gladden to give a quote for this work. It was proposed by Mr. Rice, seconded by Mr. Graves-Morris to ask Mr. Gladden for a quotation

(b) Drainage – The Clerk reported that in recent heavy rains Mr. and Mrs. Braxton of 10, The Thoroughfare had their drive and front garden flooded. The Clerk visited around the area in question and met with the Braxton’s and their neighbor and pointed out that the 2 gullies at the end of the cul-de-sac here were working fine and that it is apparent that the discharge pipeline or the pipe outfall from the gullies is either blocked or silted up. The Clerk arranged for highways to inspect and jet the pipeline and report back. No report forthcoming to date.   

(c) Environment – Nothing to report

(d) Footpaths – Nothing to report

(e) Highways – Mr. Rice reported that following recent resurfacing of carriageway and footway at entrance to Vicarage Close this work has caused standing water in carriageway edge where it joins existing carriageway in Vicarage Close. Mr. Rice and the Clerk will report to highways.

(f) Staithe Area – Nothing to report


(a) VHMC – Mr. Graves-Morris, Chairman of the VHMC reported on the latest position regarding the groups who are not using the hall during the pandemic.

The Clerk gave a report on the last VHMC AGM and committee meeting held on 30 September, 2020

(b) Trust Fund – Nothing to report

(c) NCC/NNDC – NNDC updated pandemic report received from NNDC Councillor Harry Blaythwayte. Mr. Blaythwaite also reported that the Broads Authority are in the process of working out “tolls” for next year, he also reported that he has been appointed Chairman of the NNDC Standards Committee.   

(d) BA Working Groups – Nothing to report

(e) Ludham School – No report received


13. FINANCIAL REPORT & APPROVAL OF PAYMENTS - For authorisation, if agreed.

Bank balances on 21.10.20.                                                           Bills for payment

PC c/a        £10,316.27    Savings a/c £12,579.82                       D. G. Balls: salary less tax   £369.76

Allot. c/a      £8,692.38                                                                   expenses                               £ 62.99          £432.75

                                                                                                          Revenue and Customs                               £ 92.20

Received since last meeting – nothing received                     URM/Berryman (glass collection)           £ ----

Allotments                        £ 855.38                                                NCC – allotment rent                                 £450.00

NNDC – 2nd half Precept             £7,000.00                               M/s S. Turner – ZOOM subscription       £ 14.39

NCC – recycling credit                £ 181.54                                     VHMC grant balance of ½ year grant     £ 50.00                                     

It was proposed by Mr. P. Rice, seconded by M/s S. Turner that the above accounts be


14. CONSULTATIONS AND ENQUIRIES – There were no consultation items for discussion

15. A.O.B.

  • Mr. Rice reported highway safety issues on Station Road by the parking of numerous cars in the vicinity of “Mulberry House”. The Clerk pointed out that this had been reported to him numerous times recently and that he was in the process of posting a letter to the occupants when he was informed of illness in the family and decided against it at the present time. Mr. Rice will speak to PC Tom Gibbs.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20 pm.