Freedom of Information Act 2000

It was resolved by unanimous decision that the Parish Council will adopt, without modification, the Model Publication Scheme as developed and approved by the Information Commissioner in line with Section 20 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The Parish Clerk was requested to take any necessary actions for the Parish Council to comply with the Model Publication Scheme, as soon as possible.

In compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, please find listed below details of information available.

Council Practice and Procedures

Council Agendas and Minutes, Acceptance of Office, Standing Orders, Councillors Code of Conduct, Register of Councillors Interests, and Report of Annual Parish Meeting.


The Annual Precept, Annual Budget and Summary Form, Expenditure against Budget in Summary Form, Payments made to Contractors and Suppliers, Annual Accounts and supporting information, Financial Regulations, Risk Assessments, Allotments register and plans, and VAT Returns.


Summary list of planning applications, Individual planning applications and responses, and the adopted


Draft and Local Plan.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy, and Playground inspection records.

Archive Material

Byelaws, Minute Books, Lease and Deeds, and any historic maps and photographs.

Periodic Electoral Review

Documents on last Electoral Review, and documents on last Boundary change


Terms and conditions of employees, and Job descriptions

Exempt Material

Personal information relating to Councillors (other than required to be declared in Register of Interest), Personal informatioon relating to employees, and tenders from contractors and suppliers. Note – Data Protection Legislation prohibit the publication of certain categories of information.

Charging Policy

Information can be inspected, by appointment with the Clerk free of charge. Information can be photocopied without breaching copyright laws at a cost of 20p per A4 sheet. Any detailed search of register or minutes is subject to a charge of £10 per search

This policy was approved by the Council at its meeting on Wednesday 17 December, 2008.

If you wish to view any documents in person, or receive copies of documents please contact the Parish Clerk, Catherine Moore on 01493 253041 or email