Dec 2020



Minutes of meeting via ZOOM on Wednesday 16 December, 2020

Present: Mr. P. Rice (Chairman), Mr. G. Playford, Mr. R. Graves-Morris, Mr. H. May, M/s S. Turner, Mr. S. Chapman,

Mr. B. Standen, Mr. R. Lovick, Mr. David Balls (Clerk), and 3 linked in Members of the Public.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Mr. R. Price (NCC), Mr. H. Blaythwayt (NNDC), and Mr. T. Bradford,


2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Mr. P. Rice item 11(a) and B Society/BA and NNDC matters, and Mr. H. May UTWG



It was proposed by M/s Sheridan Turner, seconded by Mr. Stan Chapman and unanimously agreed that the November 2020 minutes be signed.


(a) The Clerk updated the council on outstanding highway issues in the village and reported that following a meeting with new highway technician Mrs. Karen Pretty all outstanding issues are now in hand and are either programmed or issued to contractors to be addressed shortly

(b) The Clerk reported that following the clerk’s letter to Mr. Froggatt-Eaglesfield of Orchard Cottage, Mill Road asking for the hedge and trees adjacent to his property to be trimmed to his boundary line, he can now report that the offending trees and hedges have now been removed and replaced with a post and rail fence.

(c) Councillor Bev Standen reported on the latest recorded speed figures in various parts of the village. He also explained the latest position regarding the installation of extra posts at various locations. The Clerk requested notification of the posts locations which have to be submitted to the highways department for their records.

(d) The Clerk reported that he has now insured the SAM 2 device and that the extra premium for this annual element of the insurance is £28.99  



Following the receipt of letters from Mrs. Jane Harrison and Mr. Andrew Butler for the vacant positions of Parish Councillors it was proposed by M/s S. Turner, seconded by Mr. S. Chapman and unanimously agreed to co-opt them both onto the Council. The Clerk will write to them confirming their appointment and he was also requested to write to Mrs. Harford thanking her for valuable contribution to the village and her input into Council affairs.


The Chairman explained that bearing in mind that the new Standing Orders are lengthly and time consuming to discuss this evening he suggested that this matter be discussed at length at next month’s meeting. A sub-committee consisting of Mr. Rice, Mr. Lovick and M/s Turner will read through the Standing Orders and present a revised document for debate by the full council.


7. POLICE REPORT – Latest email reports received are now emailed to all councilors. It was agreed that Mr. Bev Standen who will now work as the new Council’s Police Liaison Officer will contact the local police asking for police presence at future Council meetings




(a) NCC – County Farms rent review. The Clerk reported that our “holding” rent review is to take place next year and the new terms determined to take effect from Michaelmas, 2021, and the new rent will be payable from Lady day, 2022

(b) Garden Guardian – quotation for 2021 Churchyard grass cut – proposed by Mr. S. Chapman, seconded by Mr. R. Graves-Morris and unanimously agreed to accept the quotation of £1,589.00 plus VAT

Items for circulation – emailed items now sent to councillors. The Harnser and CPRE Voice magazines will be circulated at next “face to face” meeting.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          9. ADJOURNMENT FOR PUBLIC TIME

The meeting was adjourned for Public Time from 20.03 pm. to 20.14 pm.

Q. There are numerous potholes along Mill Road which need repair.

A. The Clerk will investigate before asking the highways department to inspect and address.

Q. Hazardous vehicle parking outside the post office is causing maneuvering problems at the junction here.

A. The Clerk will question highways where parking restriction yellow lining implementations are positioned on the “long list”.

Q. With speeding on Bridge Road still a problem can more be done by highways to reduce speeding here by the installation of speed calming measures.

A. The Clerk was requested to ask highways if Traffic Management Schemes are now back on the agenda



(a) Notices of decision – Nothing received

(b) New Application(s) - Nothing received



(a) Allotments – awaiting quotation to fill potholes in allotment track with hardcore.

(b) Drainage – Nothing to report

(c) Environment – Mr. Lovick requested that the Clerk ask NNDC environment section to do more “dog patrols” in the village.

It was agreed that Mr. Lovick would fill the vacant position of Environment Officer left by Mrs. Ann Harford.

(d) Footpaths – Nothing to report

(e) Highways – It was proposed by Mr. Rice, seconded by Mr. B. Standen that a working group be formed to chase and progress outstanding highway issues in the village. Mr. Rice will report back at the next meeting.

(f) Staithe Area –

  • Mr. May reported that numerous “white vans” are still parking on the Staithe and it was agreed that the Clerk questions the Broads Authority about the issuing of parking tickets for the Staithe area.

  • Mr. Rice is in the process of enquiring about weight restriction exemptions on the Staithe.

  • Mr. Rice explained the new Environment Agency rules regarding implementations flood alerts


(a) VHMC – Mr. Graves-Morris, Chairman of the VHMC reported that work has been carried out by Mr. Payne to remove overhanging tree branches and hedging adjacent to the Old School House at a cost of £400.

It was also reported that the swing which was erected in the wrong place has now been repositioned by APL.

Mr. Graves-Morris reported that Sheridan has now obtained and been offered a Confidential Conditional Offer towards the cost of installing 32 solar panels at the village hall. It was unanimously agreed by members to accept the offer. Mr. Graves-Morris explained that he will now email the VHMC members accordingly for their acceptance.

Thanks and praise was forthcoming from council members to Sheridan and Robin for the efforts they have both put into this exercise.

New councilor Mrs. Jane Harrison expressed an interest in the VHMC and with her experience in events, the council agreed she should be offered the vacant parish council position on the VHMC.

(b) Trust Fund – Mr. Chapman reported that grants and the Christmas Bonuses have now been paid out

(c) NCC/NNDC – No reports received

(d) BA Working Groups – Mr. May reported on the UTWG meeting on 6 December, the minutes of which will be circulated shortly

(e) Ludham School – No report received


13. FINANCIAL REPORT & APPROVAL OF PAYMENTS - For authorisation, if agreed.

Bank balances on 16.12.20.                        Bills for payment

PC c/a        £9,245.20    Savings a/c £12,579.82    D. G. Balls: salary less tax                 £369.76

Allot. c/a      £8,374.38                                               expenses                                             £ 48.45          £418.21

                                                                                      Revenue and Customs                      £ 92.20

Received since last meeting                                   URM/Berryman (glass collection)   £10.80                

NCC – recycling credit           £192.78                     M/s S. Turner – ZOOM subscription £ 14.39

                                                                                     Garden Guardian – Church grass      £1927.20

                                                                                     NNDC – dog bin emptying                 £982.80                                             

It was proposed by Mr. Stan Chapman, seconded by Mr. Harry May and unanimously agreed that the above accounts be signed

14. CONSULTATIONS AND ENQUIRIES – There were no consultation items for discussion

15. A.O.B.

(a) Mr. Rice and Mr. Standen explained that a sub-committee has been formed to carry forward ideas and a way ahead with a new website. Mr. Lovick will look into forming a working group with parishioner to input more local reports and information on the new website. Details of these objectives will be discussed at the next meeting.      The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.59 pm.