March 2021

Police report for Potter Heigham Parish Council March 2021


Covid - Shops have had some difficulty with certain customers who take offence when asked about wearing a mask, but these instances are limited.

To date PC Gibbs has personally issued over thirty £200 fines to visitors from out of the County who have travelled to our area. These have mainly been on the coast around Horsey and Sea Palling. I have been out with the Broadsbeat team on the river this Month and dealt with some reported second home breaches along the riverbank on both the Repps and Potter Heigham side of the river, as well as checking boatyards and residences along the river to deter Covid, marine and acquisitive crime.  

In order to try and get the message out about telephone and other fraud targeting our vulnerable residents I have attended local post offices including Potter Heigham and given them some really useful notices to share with customers. I am encouraging staff to give these to any customer they consider may be vulnerable or be seeking some support. They offer sound advice and list relevant points of contact including the police and Action Fraud.

In line with the agreed SNAP (Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel) priorities PC Gibbs has been to visit the care home at the junction with Station Road and Bridge Road. I spoke to both the new Manager and fortunately the owner, who was visiting at the time. During my visit there were two cars associated with the business parked on the road, which in my opinion were obstructing the view at the junction.

The owner was understanding of the concern. She explained that they have limited parking on site, but PC Gibbs pointed out that whilst he understood this, the parking of vehicles on the road near the junction was a hazard to road users and they needed to find an alternative solution. She rightly pointed out that they aren’t always their staff but at the time they were, and PC Gibbs suspect that staff are the main offenders here. I doubt that one visit will resolve the issue and I will continue to monitor and advise/encourage for a time before he consider enforcement.

My speed gun is off for service currently but it should be back within a few weeks and I will then undertake some speed enforcement.  

Demand for Potter Heigham

Over the last Month we have received 21 calls for service in the Parish.

The calls include

3 Covid legislation breach reports

2 Road Traffic Collisions

2 Suspicious Circumstances, one of which was an attempted bogus police officer Fraud call to a resident.

1 Theft shops at Lathams

1 Missing Person

1 Concern for safety

2 Domestic incidents

1 Harassment

2 Public Order incidents

1 Theft of Motor Vehicle (Reported locally but took place in South Norfolk)

I am on day shift Monday, but I will hopefully join the meeting

1 Violence against the person