Sept 2021 Agenda


Chairperson, Sheridan Turner   01692 670206

Parish Clerk: Vacant


To Members of the Parish Council, District Councillor and County Councillor

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Potter Heigham Parish Council on Wednesday 15th September 2021 at 7:30 at Potter Heigham Village Hall for the purpose of transacting the following business:  Signed: Sheridan Turner, Chair  September 08, 2021


  1. Apologies for absence

  2. Declaration of interest for items on the agenda

  3. Appointment of Clerk to the Parish Council

  4. Co-Option of Councillors (and signing declaration of acceptance)

  5. Resolution to exclude public for discussion of HR matters and Audit Item 7

  6. Approval of Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting, September 1, 2021 and May  5th 2021

  7. Progress reports on matters arising from minutes

(a) Dog/salt bins (b) Internal Audit Summary (to exclude Item 7) Action: To approve Audit Report as presented April 2021 (c) Allotments – invoices and water


  1. Election of Officers and Committee Members

  • Drainage – currently Mr. May

  • Footpath – currently Mr. Lovick

  • Allotments Committee – currently Mr. Rice

  • Environment Officer – vacant

  • Ludham School representative – vacant

  • Staithe Committee – Mr. May and Mr. Chapman

  • Representatives of VHMC – Mr Graves-Morris (Chair) Mr. Chapman, Mr. May and Ms. Turner

  • Representatives of Upper Thurne Working Group – currently Mr. May

  • Police Liasion Officer – currently Mr. B. Standen

  • Internal Finance Officers – currently Mr. S Chapman and Mr. P. Rice

  • Independent Finance Examiner – Mrs. G. Tooke of Rollesby


  1. Correspondence

  • Request for purchase of Wreath

  • Draft of Shopfront Design Guide Supplementary Planning – Great Yarmouth


  1. Adjournment for Public Time


  1. Planning Matters

    1. Decision Notices: - None received to date

    2. New Applications: - None received to date


  1. Reports from Parish Council Officers and other Members

    1. Allotments (b) Drainage (c) Footpaths (d) Highways (e) Staithe Area and Upper Thurne f) Police report


  1. Reports from Other bodies - For information as available

    1. VHMC (b) Trust Fund (c) BA/UTWG (d) NNDC (e)NCC


  1. Financial Reports

  • Review of bills paid and pending  For authorization, if agreed


  1. Begin 2022/2023 Precept


  1. Any Other Business


  1. Closed session

  2. Adjournement


Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 20, October, 2020





Issues raised for discussion under 12 (c) and (d)


- tractors/farm machinery still destroying grass verges. Also new road surface when turning at the junction of Church lane and Green lane. 


- any updates on the trees/hedges for the village. (Government Scheme).

- dog fouling on lanes, farm fields, grass verges also gardens still a problem.


- road signs obscured  by foliage on School Road, Green Lane.